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A Moment in Time…
Are You Using It or Losing It?

A Moment in Time…

header-sunset-riverI stood there listening to the sound of my own voice whaling. It was an observation from a momentary out of body experience. The sounds of pain, sadness and loss were coursing through my being and out my mouth along with the expressing of my heaving surrendered frame.

This was my first moment of allowing myself to melt into a pile of much needed release. My father had died. He was gone from this earth in the physical form. No longer tangible, no sound I could readily hear. There would never be an opportunity to speak with him again via telephone, receive or send a card. There would be no visits. I would never feel his hugs and hear his encouraging words in real-time again.

I would need to make sure the imprinted vision of his face, his lines, his smile, his teeth, his voice, his smell, his hugs, his laugh, his humor, his knowledge, and his words, his creative and expanded thinking would stay etched at the forefront to be called upon when I needed it.

Blessed am I that he’s present in my dreams, my words, my thoughts, nature, funny moments, dot connecting on a spiritual journey, the pictures that hang on my wall, my cells, my DNA and memories. I am grateful to continue reopening my heart, a soft heart, a heart that has not shut down or is numb. I am not jaded by life.  I am more present and clear and compassionate and understanding and forgiving than ever.  This has been a process.

My father died almost 8 years ago and reliving that exact moment described above is still just as potent as the day it took place. It’s a precious memory of knowing I was so very alive.  His departure was a catalyst for some of the biggest and necessary changes in my life.

I have only cried in this surreal dream-like world one other time in my life thus far that was so very difficult to let go and that was when my son was leaving for an overseas GAP year.

So much LOVE to everyone who experiences loss of any kind. May you keep your heart open. Look around you for signs, synchronicity, and allow your support tribe to nourish you while you are in the deepest and darkest parts of the valley.

Cherish and be Cherished.


Are You Using It or Losing It?

As we age our brains really step into an accelerated “use it or lose it” functionality. It’s so nourishing to occupy yourself with topics that walk hand in hand with your passion in life and even more satiating when that action leads to the end result of whatever you are intending.

Given the opportunity for mental activity, our brains  produce new neurons throughout our lifetime and aside from lifestyle and toxicity, we get to “use it” vs. “lose it”. Yay! Neurons Illustration

We are constantly exposed to the toxins or habits that contribute to the “lose it” portion, but this is more of a celebration of how great it feels to”use it”!

With that said, there are 7 traditional styles of learning and each uses different areas of the brain. They are:

hand drawn pixel brain as conceptAs my contribution to my using it portion, before I lose it, I have chosen to engage my brain in the focused act of learning, revisiting and adding to my current knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology to further my education and business. This has truly sparked a ripple of remembering why connecting the dots to information I already knew or was exposed to previously is such a different experience and pleasure more so at this age, although time consuming and thought-provoking.  The benefits of choosing to take on any brainy neuron producing activities can only make you feel good, boost your knowledge, boost your confidence and bring about a general sense of purpose and functionality.  Pretty Awesome!

This is baring its bones of reaffirming just how much I truly enjoy working with people and feel excited over the possibilities that assist them to connect the dots in their lives in a way that makes sense to them while incorporating my understanding and knowledge of Energy Work, Visual Diagnosis, Dream Analysis, Psychology, Holistic Health and Intuitive Practices.

So grateful to have the freedom of choice to stimulate my brain, improve my memory and peak my interest for what is an innate gift and desire in my life.  Clearly this is just a tiny snippet of Neuron life, but interesting nonetheless!

I’ll leave you with this thought by Dr. Merzenich, Professor Emeritus at the University of California:

Use It or Lose It –

“It’s simple in concept. The brain changes physically, functionally, and chemically, as you acquire an ability or as you improve an ability. You know this instinctively. Something must be changing as your brain advances, as it progresses.

Actually what it is doing is changing the local wiring, changing the details of how it’s connected. It’s also changing itself in other ways, physically, functionally, and those changes account for that improvement, or account for the acquisition of an ability.

You don’t realize it but as you acquire an ability – let’s say, the ability to read – you actually create a system in the brain that does not exist, or that’s not in place, in the non-reader. It [the ability] actually evolves in the brain.”

Use or Lose it! YOU choose how, when, what, where and be open to why the opportunities appear because the likelihood that they showed in the first place was a gift! Pay attention!

Cheers to Celebration of the Brain and New Neurons!




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