Nourish . Release Stress . Live Empowered

Mind, body, and spirit work together organically to help you maintain balance, and when things are off, they each need different tools to regain their natural balance. This is an integral part of whole soul care and wellness.  


I’ve always felt such a deep connection to nature, to the trees;  Nature reflects a series of patterns, the same way our bodies, minds and spirits do. Leaves like our veins and lungs, spirals in our crowns (head) and foods, trees model our personal seasons and the emotions of the earth.

Nature and Soul have always invoked feelings of a peaceful sanctuary deep in my core, knowing they are inter-connected and coupled with the feeling that something deeper is rooted beneath my feet and something connecting above my head.

Our Subtle Body Energy and what we feed ourselves from  Nutrition to words move in very similar ways throughout our whole being.

Everything is connected to our Whole Soul Wellness. If our personal seasons are out of balance, our wellness compass suffers from lack of direction and our energy lags.  Nutritional choices become less rich and our light dims. Let us thrive with our inner-verse to be a beacon in the outer-verse and do amazing feats in the universe.

“As Above, so Below.  As Within, So Without, As the Universe, So the Soul” ~ These words are inspiration, all encompassing and deeply meaningful on a personal and large scale for the creation of Whole Soul Nourishment. 

“Balance Requires Practice. Practice Requires Your Presence” 

~ Julie Tartak ~

Your Mind, Body, Spirit are asking you for balance and want you to remember how to follow the intuitive compass that whispers inside so that your flood gates may open and your own personal magic may begin!

Get ready to try new modalities, learn mindful living skills and techniques, have some fun and rediscover where you’ve been and why, so you can get on with improving the quality of your health, lifestyle with less stress, more smiles and balance!

Nourish . Release Stress . Live Empowered


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