What’s My Story?

Nourish . Release Stress . Live Empowered

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My name is Julie Tartak and I am a huge advocate for working together on your Soul Nourishment Strategies. I am one resource to your ever growing experiences in life, I am a heart-based practitioner and  I am the creator of Whole Soul Wellness.

 “I have already lost touch with a couple of people I used to be”

~ Joan Didion, On Keeping a Notebook ~

So here’s how it all started…

When I was a child I had many connections to a world beyond the veil. I didn’t quite understand them, but they were magical. I allowed my experiences to happen organically and they included lucid dreaming, astral travel, orb conversations, special connection to nature, watched images on a ceiling like a movie reel, precognitions and premonitions, third eye whispers, feeling earthquakes, feeling “overly sensitive” to people’s emotions and so on. My whole life has been a learning ground to get me to where I am now so that I may work with others so they can connect to their inner wisdom and clear what energy stays present in their body that no longer serves them.  I am so grateful to finally be comfortable and accepting of who I am, so as to no longer hide these amazing gifts and to share them with you.

and Continuing On…

Well, life is ever changing right? Living proof right here! It’s been an incredible journey getting to where I am and I am so happy that the growing never ends, as I am constantly being afforded opportunities to tune in to what my whole-being body is telling me.  I have witnessed my true sadness, restlessness and unhappiness in mind, body spirit heart and soul as they were rebelling against how I was feeling and how I was treating myself, self-medicating in a perfunctory manner that led to the depletion of Julie.

Oh No! What did you do?

As my unhappiness was taking a toll,  I was escaping by watching a lot of TV, which added up to a lot of sitting, unproductive over analyzing, over eating and unhealthy food at that, hermit behavior, blocking of intuition and basically into shrinking violet mode. So, What did I do? I made a choice to change what was depleting me and save myself.  I began to take steps to nourish my mind, my body, my spirit, my heart and my soul.

Julie hanging from a treeI knew I could no longer have the same, repeating conversations in my head and heart or try to rationalize my malnourished spirit and habits. 

I decided to begin the process of releasing what I was hanging onto!  500 food comas and conversations later, emotional releases in tow, I finally listened to the sound of the inner voice vibrating throughout my whole being, as it said, “It’s time to nourish, release stress and live empowered, Julie!”

And thus, my journey began…

FLASH FORWARD! I went to school, became certified, studied, researched, read and took extra courses to further my education. I used my new found knowledge and tapped back into my intuition in real-time on myself and clients, had an amazing first Reiki session that changed my life several years ago (now I’m a Reiki Master), had the pleasure (and still do) of meeting people who continuously fed me possibilities and expanded my mind to understand the deeper value of having a positive support system in place. My intuitive compass was reignited, my spark for life came back and my true calling to do energy work,  embrace my empathic and intuitive ways came into a beautiful blooming collaboration I now call my passion, my purpose and my calling in life.

Is it time to reignite your that magic spark in your life?  Let me help you find the way.

And NOW I am ready to share, teach and support those who are in need of discovering the correlation and revelation between the mind, body, heart, spirit and soul connect… without guilt, without self-punishment, and without negativity.  You are deserving!

You have the opportunity to try new and creative ways to approach your wellness that will assist you in finding the YOU  that was hiding under the surface, and to re-ignite your magical spark for a healthier, happier and celebratory life.  

Nourish . Release Stress . Live Empowered

All Rights Reserved to Julie Tartak, Copyright © 2020.