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Here’s an Article I wrote for OrganiZEN!  Enjoy!


“This week I’m happy to introduce our Guest blogger Julie Tartak to you. Julie is a Reiki Master and Certified Health Coach and Founder of Whole Soul Wellness.  Julie’s powerful work provides her clients with optimum balance and intuitive wellness.  It is always a pleasure to connect you with talent, wisdom, and smart and savvy, resources.  So today, I’ve invited Julie here to share her passionate words of wisdom with you.  Enjoy!

~Suzie Sandoval, Founder of OrganiZEN®”

Here’s an Article Written for an Enzine! Enjoy!

June 2013

A Quick Lesson About Intuition and Self Care

By Julie Tartak, CHHC AADP

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This month I’ve chosen to accept several moments & treatments that go against what I believe in.. and here’s why.

I’ve had a lump on the side of my toe for about 3 or 4 years. It never really bothered me and wasn’t even that huge until this last year when I realized it was growing and causing me pain. People would say, “oh did you break your toe?” ” Nope”, I would reply. “Don’t know what it is, but it doesn’t hurt, so it must be OK”. Truly, I thought perhaps it had been some anomaly formed from wearing heels, perhaps having my toes squished together for so many years or a bone spur or a cyst, which was mentioned as well by a “drive by Dr.” visit with my son for his sprained wrist.

When this lump began to change and hurt, I finally put on my brave hat (in the 11th hour) and decided to get it checked out in May by a Podiatrist. It turns out it’s a soft tissue calcification (confirmed benign after surgery). I haven’t been able to wear closed toed shoes for nearly 3 months comfortably, turning into not at all. This calcification was slowly becoming entangled with nerves, hence the pain. Learning this information, I was now sitting with the realization that this was going to need to be removed. What’s so weird is that I felt like I should have it removed vs. doing what my default reasoning normally dictates towards a decision. Some people believe it’s no big deal, it’s just a toe, go do it and you’ll feel better. Yes, but it’s my toe, I would say with a smile.

Anyways, during this time I allowed my dread to build, knowing I would have to enter an environment that makes me uber uncomfortable. My skin, my insides, every fiber, hair, cell and my brain all said NO way do I want to have surgery and go into a hospital or take antibiotics (which I hadn’t taken for nearly 3.5 yrs and is now a broken record). I went back and forth with acceptance of what will be, will be – to – I don’t want this to be happening at all. Oh, and then I topped it with worry, topped with more worry and a little more worry on top of that. Needless to say, that didn’t accomplish anything but anxiety. I feel like if I am in a hospital environment not involving my son, I can be there for someone else. I can be strong, encouraging and empathetic. However, for myself, I was none of those things. I was obnoxiously human. I cried, was vulnerable like a 5 year old, felt like I betrayed everything I believed in holistically, was afraid of being put “under”, didn’t trust this process, questioned all people involved at that hospital working on and with me, questioned myself as to why I didn’t try an alternative treatment and what made me move ahead with this decision?

Would I do it again? Not the same way. I would first seek out a Holistic Dr. (earlier, not waiting until I was in pain) who has had success with calcification reduction based on mineral balance therapy (magnesium & sodium), etc., and then re-evaluate if I needed a western approach from there. Self pressure, pain, time and impatience gave me the permission I was asking myself for in order to go forward with this surgery that I didn’t really want to have. Now, I must say in all fairness, I have such respect for my Doctor, Nurses and Staff at the hospital and they were caring, friendly and gentle. I have received love and support from my family and friends as well.

Nonetheless, you (me in this case) are the only person who gets to literally feel, absorb and experience your existence and the actuality of the reality happening. Every thought, imaginary or real is felt. Every moment I put myself through for not listening to my intuition was making an impression and an imprint in my mind and my cells, affecting the way my body interprets information, memory of the situation, putting my nervous system on alert and reinforcing old habits and behaviors that came flooding in as a default. Everyone involved will have a different experience and see yours through different eyes as well as what you see of theirs – Do what’s right for YOU.

Moving forward, I am taking with me that I can appreciate my serious feeling of being uncomfortable and how my conflicting views of what I wanted, what I did, what is and what happened and where I am at right now has lead me to tell this story. The value of this experience has been to listen to my inner voice when it speaks. Don’t wait. Intuitively I knew what needed to be addressed, my brain shut that down and waited a few years too long. I find value in that I allowed myself this experience to confirm that it’s not one I want to re-visit. I forgive myself for not listening to my toe, to my body, to my intuition and I am so grateful to be able to recognize every moment of this experience so as to truly make it lesson worthy.

Don’t go against your bodies signals!

Are you ready to learn to listen and act upon your intuition as a daily practice? Want to know what’s holding you back from listening to your self, your body, the signals?

Your body is actually asking you to listen. The effects of not listening play a role in how we proceed forward in life emotionally & physiologically. Everyone needs guidance at some point. You deserve to be well, feel well and make decisions that reflect that for yourself.


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