Client Love

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Nourish . Release Stress . Live Empowered

The fullness of the information and gifts you offered settled deeply within me and illuminated many parts to be seen with clarity. I found myself stopping in my tracks when it would hit and justed paused in awe, repeating, “Wow!” I feel back into my momentum of growth, healing, understanding and flow. I deeply remembered who I am. I’m certainly unstuck. So many juicy nuggets of info popping up in unexpected places and people creating release and closure on some things I’ve been circling around for about 3 years. It’s as though all the spinning chaos is falling back into place and connecting into a much deeper knowing. I’m able to drop into trust again. The day after this check in, I was able to completely ground in nature and felt alive. A big deep sigh of relief and joy filled my being. I relaxed into myself and from there propelled forward on my journey with clarity in direction and action. Relationships all around are blossoming into a richness I’ve been afraid to allow and feel. Im opening like never before.

S.W. – Oregon

“I just recently had my first session with Julie and WOWZA!! She is absolutely magnificent. I felt like every minute spent together was incredibly insightful and moving. She was so tuned in – to all aspects of my being. At multiple points, I thought to myself “how the heck did she know that?”. She helped me uncover things about my past in a new light that was really transformative. No joke, I took about 15 pages of notes in my notebook and keep referencing them after the session and I have already begun to see a shift in my relationships – based on both greater awareness of myself, others, and spirit. And to top it all off, she is hilarious! It didn’t feel like work to work with her, instead it was filled with plenty of ah ha moments, giggles, and smiles. Her abilities are such a rare blend of deep wisdom, connection to spirit, AND humor. I am blissful and light and so, so deeply grateful
Liz Marie, Student of Psychology, Mental Health

“Julie put me at ease right away with her authenticity and humor, then delivered an intuitive session that was supportive, honest, and encouraging. She held up a mirror for my healing, and helped me explore aspects of my soul that I hadn’t yet seen. I left the reading feeling like I had a clearer vision of who I really am.”

Annie Cattabriga-Alosa, Women’s Retreats & Ceremonies, Channel          Oregon 

“I met Julie at a Power Animal workshop. The session was incredible and intense and an experience that has led to a deep transformation for me. I stayed after,  and she did some energy work with me. Her intuition about me was spot on.  I had never really thought about doing Reiki, but feeling the energy shift in just the brief time with her after the workshop was enough to convince me that it could be very beneficial to me.

Julie is a beautiful spirit, and even though I have Complex PTSD and deep trust issues, I felt completely safe and at ease during our first session. Her coaching after the energy work offered sound, intuitive guidance that resonated with me. I’ve gone back several times and will continue.

I have been struggling with severe depression since I was a child, which is at times debilitating and leaves me feeling defeated and hopeless, with suicidal ideation. I rarely express the true depth of the darkness when it sets in, and as a performer, am quite good at masking it even on my lowest days. Walking into Julie’s space for one of my sessions with the smile and light banter that easily fools even those who know me well did not serve to hide the depth of pain I was in from Julie. She knew immediately that I was in a sort of internal crisis mode, and as she began her energy work with me, was able to get to the core of the dense pain I carry, and to actually leave me feeling lighter and stronger in my body and spirit. Her empathy and wisdom in our talk afterward made an equal impact. I walked out of that session feeling hope, something that I rarely allow myself to feel.

I still see a therapist, and she has seen a marked change in me after just a few sessions with Julie. I have lived much of my life thinking that my depression and the weight of my past will continue to wear my spirit down as long as I breathe and that the best I can do is manage my days and power through the best I can. Just surviving. I am starting to believe that there is a chance for more, that this darkness, which is starting to lift, can become light, and I can return to the state of being that is my birthright. I think healing is a continuum of seeking the path that is right for each person. My path was stalled. Therapy has been a lifeline for me, and I will continue in it, and cannot possibly be more grateful for my therapist. Adding Reiki and coaching with Julie was the right addition to my healing journey to help move me forward and open roads along the path that can lead me to wholeness and joy.”

Karen Sipes, 
Redmond, Oregon

“Julie, You really have been an amazing strong energy force to come into my life.  I enjoyed our sessions and talking with you on the phone.  I want to really thank you for everything you’ve done to help me out. You are seriously good at what you do. It’s been a pleasure to have been given the opportunity to open up to you as I felt very calm and trustworthy.  I’m certain we will remain in touch!”

John McGuinnis, Las Vegas 

“Julie is an intuitive and empathic guide with a true gift. During distance Reiki sessions, Julie has been able to consistently pinpoint where energy has been stuck or stagnant within my body.  Speaking with Julie after each session has given us the chance to discuss what she has found, how it has been showing up in my life and steps to take to keep the energy moving. Working with Julie always has always been a positive and empowering experience. She is a warm and caring person who has a truly amazing gift.”

K. H., PA

“My session with Julie came at a very tough time in my life when my spirits were low and my physical body was struggling to keep up. All of the rest in the world was not enough. I just needed the juice to keep going because quitting was not an option.  Wow, did Julie deliver!  I was able to power through the tough time and enjoy the smoother road ahead. Julie is super compassionate, a wonderful intuitive and a breath of fresh air.  I love her down-to-earth nature and the way she delivers her words and her energy in a very real, but kind and sincere manner.  She is a kick-ass healer and I highly recommend her.”

Gretchen Grooms, Oregon ~ 
Massage Therapist, Shamanic Lightworker

“Thank you so much for the gift of the Reiki session. Working with you was like taking an energetic shower; I felt cleansed and refreshed at the end of our session. It was incredibly powerful for me and I literally could feel the energy shifting as we were working together. I feel much lighter and like I have so much more space to address all the challenges I’m currently facing. The session with you was such a gift and exactly what I needed.”
Julia Sarver, Oregon
Health Coach Uprising, Founder, Leader 

“I met Julie in a roundabout way through a friend. For almost 2 years now, I have been doing my best to shake a negative relationship out of my life. My brain knew this relationship was not good for me, yet it felt stuck in my body. Like I could not let go. I tried on my own….to cut chords, sage my house, burn past journal entries,cry it out, etc etc. Those would work for a bit,and then I found myself back at square one again.  My friend said, you know, get in touch with Julie Tartak. She will be able to help. I was willing to try anything. And I am glad I did.

With Julie’s help, I feel as though the weight of that negative relationship was lifted. During our first session,(which was via phone because I live in Portland) I cried for the first 15 minutes, in a way which brought about a true release for me. Julie reminded me that I was allowed to be sad, allowed to feel this to the fullest extent.

I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves and to know what is best for each one of us,if we just stop and listen to our bodies and our hearts…even knowing this, I felt so stuck, and so tired of being back at square one…I needed help to get my body back on track with my mind!  With Julie’s help she reminded my body of the deep wisdom within myself. She helped release it through her Reiki. It is people like Julie who keep us all on track with our ability to trust ourselves.

After our first session, I felt a change in my body and emotions surrounding the negative relationship. I felt free for the first time.   I continue to work with Julie and appreciate her enthusiasm and knowledge… her heart felt desire to be a support and help those she works with.

She is the type of person who one can reach out to and she will reach  back with a presence of being in the moment, full of love and the fullest desire to help each of us reach our greatest potential.”

Thank you Julie, so so much.
Angela A., Portland Oregon

“Are you ready for a completely unique experience?  Intuitive Reiki sessions and coaching with Julie have been one of the most eye opening experiences I have ever had.  Through Julies intuition and beautiful abilities to communicate her practice, I have been taken on a personal journey inside my being.  I had no idea what to expect as I prepared to have my first Reiki session, but Julie has a special energy that is one of non-judgement, kindness, and compassion for every being she encounters; which helped me find ease and comfort through my first Reiki experience.  Julie is passionate about her Reiki & Coaching practice.  She gives you 100% of her attention as she carefully answers each question as though it were the first time she was asked.  As I lay on the table, the full hour felt like 20 minutes as I was taken to a completely relaxed state.  I could feel the energy moving about my body and suddenly it was over.  Julie expressed some incredible statements in our debrief of the experience.  Through Reiki she was able to help me tap into unknown areas of stress being held in my body, and coached me through tangible next steps that I could begin the second I left the table.  The remainder of the day I was filled with a new-found energy, it was literally buzzing through my body. Julie helped me gain energy, learn new things about my self, and provide a clear path towards taking my life in a healthy direction.  Thank you Julie for your attention, energy, and focus!”

Carly Sullivan, Bend Oregon

“I can’t recommend Julie highly enough! She has helped me in such a profound way with chronic pain and emotional healing. She is a powerful healer and ever so generous, kind, and compassionate. Hearing Julie’s impressions of the condition of my mind, body, and spirit after a Reiki session were powerful catalysts for healing and growth. She provided notes and detailed insight into what was happening in my energy field and physical body. Our conversations and Julie’s insights paired with her energy work have aided me immensely in understanding the root of my condition; and her intuitions and eloquent communication help give a greater perspective to things, to understanding myself in the greater scheme of life. She is uplifting and inspiring, you’ll leave the studio feeling refreshed, revitalized, and with greater clarity (in mind, spirit, and body.)”

Bodeene Berrevoets, Bend OR
Yarly Photo Digitization Specialist 

“I recently have had several Reiki healing sessions with Julie.  Each session has brought about a deep relaxing experience coupled with a profound movement of energy throughout my entire being and body.  During the treatment, I can feel the movement of energy as a heat releasing from specific areas that I am in the process of healing, including the shoulder, neck and lower back.  As she moves her attention throughout my body, I feel this release as waves of warmth.  As I lay on the table, I am also extremely relaxed knowing that I am in good hands. Following the Reiki sessions, my body and mind are left in a state of bliss where my chronic pain issues dissipate.  Sometimes my vision is even affected by the upwelling of energy making driving somewhat difficult until I sit for a short period of time to recenter myself.  Relaxing, very. Profound, yes.  Effective, very….”

Jacob Welsh, Bend, OR
RYT-200 and Wildland Firefighter

“My experience working with Julie began after we met through participating in a program in the healing world. We immediately connected and loosely kept in touch over the years. Recently I went through a major medical setback as well as dealing with high levels of stress and it was suggested to me by multiple doctors, holistic practitioners, and friends that I try Reiki.

I chose to work with Julie because I am careful about who I will let do body and energy work on me but, also I love her spirit and positive energy. My experience working with her up to this point has been positive. Every session I’ve fallen asleep into a very restorative state, and Reiki has provided me with a space to decompress on a deeper level and try to refocus on my energy on my positive things and my own healing. I have found it extremely helpful having someone else working with my body and helping to attune the intuitive connection within my body. I’ve seen changes in my sleep, am finding myself panicking less, and I am becoming more aware of how much stress and the energy around me is affecting me.

I highly recommend working with Julie. She’s clear, concise, conscious, kind, and aware of the persons general state.”

Cheryl Paswater, Brooklyn, New York
Artist and Owner of Contraband Ferments

“My Reiki experience was truly amazing and I look forward to the next. I feel that it has made my body a more hospitable host for my soul.  I strongly encourage all my family and friends to contact Julie and experience the magic themselves for themselves!”

Jenny Pruitt, California

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