Create Your Own Class

Nourish . Release Stress . Live Empowered

Sunday Morning Wellness Sessions Starting January 21, 2018!  Save Your Spot Now!! 

Creating your own group class is simple and fun.  Grab 5-10 women comprised of friends, friends of friends, co-workers, or family members who are all looking to feel inspired, a sense of community, direction, and have insight about Love, Life, Relationships, Food, Energy and how all of this works with or against your  Mind Body Spirit Connections.

These classes are some of the most fun classes and we learn so much from one another! There is no topic that is off limits and there is always a heartfelt sharing that allows us to grow closer and see one another with a new lens and appreciation.

Ready to practice optimal INNERVERSE GROWTH?

Nourish . Release Stress . Live Empowered


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