Nourish . Release Stress . Live Empowered


  • Graduate of Institute of Integrated Nutrition, Joshua Rosenthal
  • Reiki Master Training, Michelle Garnier Winkler
  • Gut Rebuilding with Summer Bock, Fermentation Specialist
  • Chinese Visual Diagnosis, Andrea Beaman
  • Transform Your Relationship with Food, The Institute for the Psychology of Eating
  • Graduate of Full Body Systems, Functional Nutritionist, Andrea Nakayama
  • Mindfulness, Mindful School
  • Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner, Dr. Deanna Minich
  • Valkyrie, ThePriestess Path, Elizabeth Wilcock
  • Shamanic Lightwork with G.G.

Not everything is listed, however the endless hours of research, reading books, small courses not listed, listening to talks & lectures, talking with massage therapists, naturopaths, other holistic practitioners, working with clients and learning about and incorporating other educational practices is continuous in my field of integrative nutrition/lifestyle, energy work/movement and the healing arts.

Nourish . Release Stress . Live Empowered





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