Nourish . Release Stress . Live Empowered

What is Reiki?


First off Reiki is for everyone. Men, Women, Children, your Pets and the world abroad. You can Reiki your food, a situation, a moment and it goes on and on.

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Reiki—which means “spiritually guided life energy”—flows through your Ki, your Chi, Your Prana—your life force energy. Everyone has this energy.  When the flow of your Ki is blocked, stagnant, or disrupted, your body exudes symptoms of functioning in a diminished capacity which can reveal itself within your tissues and/or organs.

208As a Reiki Master, Coach and Intuitive Healing Arts Practitioner, I find that Reiki compliments my clients’ healing and increases harmony in their lives.  Everything from detoxifying (thoughts, emotions, physically), releasing stress, fear and more. Emotion is stored in your body and by allowing your energetic field to release energy blockages assists in moving forward and peeling back the layers you’ve taken so long to build.  This helps you on your journey to creating new belief systems that encourage your goals, as you feel less stressed about the process and the path you are traveling.

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Is Reiki doctor-prescribed?

Reiki is not only being recognized in the healthcare field as of late, but doctors and some hospitals are suggesting to their patients, no matter the ailment, to seek out alternatives for stress reduction which could assist in their healing process.  This is exciting news as healthcare practitioners are seeking a place for and understanding about gentler modalities to assist with their patients’ healing.  Reiki is complementary to the services you receive from your medical doctors, not a replacement for them.

How do I prepare for my Reiki Session?

Aside from being willing, I suggest you wear clothing that is non-constrictive and comfy.  I would eat lightly if you have an opportunity, but be careful not to get too stuffed.  I would avoid caffeine before your session so you don’t feel fidgety and disruptive to yourself during this experience of awareness and sensation. This type of self care should be nurturing and relaxing.

What happens during a Reiki session?

Reiki in Person

When you walk through the door, we will greet each other, I will ask you if you have any questions and then I will get you on the table, clothes on of course.  During your session, I will have Reiki music and low lights. You will be snug with a blanket and an eye pillow for your comfort. This environment gives you the opportunity to relax and settle into yourself and quiet your thoughts.When your session is done, we will talk about the energetic conversation, about your well being, stress levels, and anything else you feel you’d like me to know.

Generally, we do not speak during a session. Reiki will flow through my hands, which I will gently lay on or above your body. During this time, I am tuning in and turning on intuitively to what and where your body is asking for healing and this gives you a chance to be receptive by listening to your body and getting into a sleep or meditative type state. I actually feel pretty meditative myself which is a wonderful state to be in. I will let you know with a gentle tap/touch that your session is complete and then when ready, you’ll meet me for your conversation. Also you may ask me any questions you have, as well.

Reiki Phone Sessions

Distance sessions are equally as powerful as in person and have the same effects. I will give you a music suggestion to help you relax on your end and a breathing exercise if needed.  Sometimes these sessions are easier for clients who are overwhelmed by time constraints, family, work and general life. Your requirement is that you will need to lay down and relax for the session and we will talk after just as we would in person. See above!

What will I feel during a Reiki session?

I often hear clients talk about physical sensations, phantom hands (which is where I move my hands from one area to another, but you the client still believes my hands are on the original location), visions, images and colors. Some experience emotional releases like crying (I cried during my 1st session), sense of peace, relief,  involuntary body flinching as well as sleeping. I myself have slept and heard slight kitten snores that I was surprised to hear come out of me. Every release is OK. Also, some people feel nothing and that is more than OK as well as you still received Reiki and it did its job! There are no rules or restrictions to the experience you may encounter and I love hearing what those moments were for my clients.

Is there anyone who should not receive Reiki?

NO. Reiki is healing to everyone regardless of medical condition, age, condition, beliefs and lifestyles and causes no harm. I Reiki my dog when he has stomach issues and he LOVES it! Reiki is spiritual in nature so it provides compassion and love to the client. I have several clients with different religious backgrounds who receive Reiki and they have found that they embrace their religious lives and religious experiences a little deeper. Everyone is welcome with Reiki!

What brought me to Reiki in my Consulting Practice?

A few years ago I was in need of  finding some serious recouping, relaxing and resetting to calm my nervous system. So, I made myself an appointment at Breitenbush Hot Springs, signed myself up for a weekend of self care pampering by treating myself to the hot springs of course, massage, journaling, walking the labyrinth, breathing nature and—you guessed it—a Reiki Session.

This was my first ever and it was life changing and beyond powerful for me. I didn’t even realize I had been keeping so much tension and emotion in my body until it was released.

Reiki is an integral part of self care and healing for my clients and I love hearing about clients awareness increasing, emotional release, reduced stress (which is really key in managing your resources to achieve your goals like weight loss, adrenal repair, daily life) and a sense of complete well being.

Understanding how all blockages, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual are all interconnected along with food, broadens one’s healing.  Treating ourselves with loving care and implementing Reiki and Health Coaching is true symbiosis!

Nourish . Release Stress . Live Empowered

*Reiki and Energetic Conversation Sessions are not meant to take the place of a medical professional, treatment or to diagnose. These are meant to give you a deeper understanding of what your body is holding energetically.  I am happy to work with your Healthcare Professional if you so desire.

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