Soul Nourishment

Nourish . Release Stress . Live Empowered

How Does Soul Nourishment Happen?dcrMEKgc9

Soul Nourishment happens when our awareness that our energetic field and our mind, body, spirit, heart and soul are all connected and that when you begin to Nourish one, you begin to Nourish the other. Alignment! I listen to your energetic body, give movement and receive intuitive guidance which has been helping clients to release blockages in their bodies, shift their thinking as they gain clarity and have a deeper understanding so they are able to make changes, which allows room for the new. 

As part of your Soul Nourishment sessions, you may receive:

    • Chakra Balancing and Renewal 
    • Clearing Energetic Debris
    • Reframing Non-Productive Thought Patterns
    • Clarity and Motivation for New Way’s to Approach Your Life 
    • Vital Nutritional Guidance to Support Your Transformation if applicable
    • Biomat Amethyst Healing for stress, sore muscles and well being of Mind Body and Spirit
    • Past life or Ancestral connection Awareness, Release
    • Passed Spirit messages, Clarity
    • Stress Release and more!

Soul Nourishment benefits include feeling, but not limited to:

    • Lighter in Mind, Body and Spirit, Less of a Struggle with Problems
    • Understood & Validated
    • Positive Outlook, Hope
    • Connected to Inner Self and Inner Wisdom
    • Stress Reduction, Release of Anxieties
    • Confidence to Make Decisions that are Authentic to You
    • Holistic Information Based on Your Needs
    • Coached, Guided
    • Stronger Intuition
    • Improved Relationship to Self and Others
    • Clarity, Resolve and Action Steps for Your Intentions

These benefits are pieces to your whole soul healing. Each positive action you take is a part of the equation of you!

What happens during a Reiki/Intuitive Session?

During your session with me, there is an energetic conversation between your energetic body and the greater energetic whole and this is how I receive information for our conversation after your session.  I am capturing the snapshot of the current state of your spirit and I feel, hear and see what your mind, body and spirit are holding as this arrives to me in messages via pictures, words, phrases and/or feelings and in different areas of your body and in my body as well.  This can be everything from excitement to fear based emotions, where you are stagnant or need addressing, stress, sometimes health and everything in between.

“What’s good for the spirit is good for the soul.  What’s good for the soul is good for the world”

~ Julie Tartak ~

What I gather from our connection is really a great example of how your body listens and retains what you speak and feel.  During our conversation after your session, you are told the messages and receive appropriate consulting to assist you with the information you’ve just had shared and to help you with your whole soul care plan.

What is Reiki Exactly and some other FAQ’s!

I have pen and paper on hand so you make take notes and all sessions are confidential.

*Medical Disclaimer Below.

*Reiki and Energetic Conversation Sessions are not meant to take the place of a medical professional, treatment or to diagnose. These are meant to give you a deeper understanding of what your body is holding energetically.  I am happy to work with your Healthcare Professional if you so desire.

Nourish . Release Stress . Live Empowered

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