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Chemical Mattress Topper Update! It’s a Good One!

Chemical Mattress Topper Update! It’s a Good One!

-Hi!  It’s Julie Here!

This is a quick update to confirm the power of using your intuition about what is making you feel sick.  As you remember from a previous newsletter, I was feeling like I had been poisoned by the toxic chemicals that came with the mattress topper that I had on my bed for a few months.  Incase you missed it, click here for the story.

This was no joke! Between the fatigue and my lung issues I thought for sure I was going to have to face some awful outcome, because I actually felt that bad.  I chose to risk the radiation from an x-ray and get my lungs checked out. My brain went from wondering if I had pneumonia to emphysema, lung cancer to mold spores to holes in my lungs and more.  Yes, even health coaches can get nutty with their thinking from time to time!  Fortunately, my x-ray came back clear as could be and needless to say, relief came over my body like a wave and provided me with some peace of mind.

The whole time I owned this mattress topper, my little voice kept whispering, this is why you feel this way and sure enough, about a month has gone by since I’ve gotten rid of it and I am slowly but surely beginning to feel like my normal self.  Whew! Thank goodness I checked in, clued in and listened to what that whisper was telling me, “ditch your mattress topper, ditch your mattress topper.”  So, I’ve been walking regularly, gaining lung capacity back, I don’t feel like I have a brick on my chest and I don’t feel fatigued or as if my lungs are burning.

In addition, when I returned this topper, the clerk said, “yeah, we see this with most of the toppers. They are returned and people do not buy new ones.”  Interesting!

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Much Love and Gratitude,


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