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My Favorite Nutrient Dense Superfood!

My Favorite Nutrient Dense Superfood!

If there is one thing I am always trying to get into my body, it’s GREENS!   Sometimes I need a boost and a little help from one of my favorite smoothie enhancers, new viagra over counter https://nebraskaortho.com/docmed/does-insurance-cover-viagra-cialis/73/ customized essay thesis abstract sample education source url viagra price uk boots https://lynchburgartclub.org/short-essay-on-quran/ https://sigma-instruments.com/viagra-kamagra-same-15282/ meldonium to treat diabetes baby thesis in the philippines source http://almadenyoga.com/clinic/where-can-i-buy-real-levitra-online/65/ how to do a math problem purchasing ondansetron ODT 8mg watch go to site university essay questions high school admission essayВ http://wnpv1440.com/teacher/thesis-antithesis-and-synthesis-is-associated-with-which-theory-quizlet/33/ click here viagra kaufen dortmund sales manager cover letter writing an abstract for dissertation http://mce.csail.mit.edu/institute/can-i-write-a-1500-word-essay-in-a-day/21/ buying essays uk order viagra no perscription https://nebraskaortho.com/docmed/ooopo-viagra-oooooo/73/ thesis online expository thesis statement graphic organizer get link man up viagra sojourner truth research paper Greens + Advanced Multi Raw Superfood Supplement.  The reason I was drawn to this particular brand was because it was gluten free.  However, when I began to read the ingredients and realized that these Greens would be such an essential vitamin, mineral and antioxidant mix, I knew this is what my body needed.

The other feature I really liked was that they used infrared activation so as to preserve the heat sensitive phytonutrients in the greens and maintains the quality of the superfoods!  This means that what naturally occurs in your greens to give you nutrients in the raw form, is retained even through their processing.

The more alkaline your diet, the better your heart, your brain and your body will be. If each system is in working order and clear of toxins, each system can function at their optimum best and keep your lymph system moving, your digestive system moving and keep your blood oxygenated for transporting and delivering the vitamins and minerals your gut and body need as part of a healthy life.

I’m also sold on this product because it provides me with incredible energy that I really appreciate in the mornings.  I don’t drink coffee so I consider this my “juice” that sustains me through my day.

Superfood, another way to add greens!

Advanced Multi Raw Superfood Greens+ (Orange Peel Enterprises) 9.4 oz. Powder ~ One container is worth a try for gained immunity, essential vitamins and minerals, energy, digestive support, detox properties, keeping your pH alkaline, building your bones and reducing stress. Clearly I like this product! Hope you will too! Take care of YOU because you’re the only YOU the world is blessed enough to have.



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