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How to Lessen Your Chances of Getting The Flu This Season
Why Lemon and Warm Water in the Morning?
Afternoon Chia Delight!

How to Lessen Your Chances of Getting The Flu This Season

This was put out last year for flu season and it’s back because it’s true and can help you keep your immune system fighting strong! Click on the image to make larger and print out!


Why Lemon and Warm Water in the Morning?

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Ritual Creation: Drink Warm Lemon Water with The Morning Sun

Well for starters drinking it in the morning will help your body get going.  By get going, I mean it alerts and awakens your lymph system, digestive system and the smell of lemon makes one feel refreshed.

Lemons naturally assist in hydration and staying hydrated helps you to avoid, adrenal fatigue (which I am working with right now). When your body is seriously lagging and is in a state of chronic dehydration, your adrenals cannot do their best to control your cortisol levels, which manages how you manage stress.  These two little glands are vital to keeping your body and mind in a top functioning state.

Lemons contain Vitamin C, an antioxidant, which helps to boost your immune system and keep your skin clear as it assists in ridding your body of toxins.

Lemons are an Alkaline Food which means they are not acidic.  One would think they are acidic because they are a citrus fruit, however they are an Alkaline which is needed to keep the body healthy and balanced.  Too much acidity knocks your body into a state of panic and it has to work overtime to fight off infections and illness of all kinds.

The Vibrant and Tangy Lemon is not to be overlooked!  Enjoy!

Afternoon Chia Delight!

~Easy as can be and loaded with Omega 3’s and Fiber ~

1 Eight ounce Glass of Water, spring or filtered
1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds
1/2 Juice from a lime

*some people enjoy a splash of cranberry as well   –   Just take a handful of cranberries and blend, crush and squeeze the juice or juice them to add a little punch!

The Chia Seed provides you with plenty of Omega 3’s, Omega 6’s, and 5 Grams of Fiber.  All important to maintaining a healthy balance in your body.

The Lime is a wonderful source of Vitamin C which of course helps to keep your Immune System STRONG! Also, the lime has been studied for it’s cancer fighting powers as well!   This is an alkaline fruit.

*Cranberries are known for their protection against Urinary Tract Infections, also contain Vitamin C and being studies continuously for their healing properties in the stomach lining and urinary tract.   These are an acidic fruit.


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