Creation and Pleasure

Hi, I’m Julie, the Creator of Whole Soul Wellness. I invite you to join me and share your Creations and Pleasures on your journey into wellness.  Here are some of mine!


019I’ve always felt such a connection to the trees; the way they sway and entice me to come near; the symbolism of their rebirth at Spring, how they thrive during the Summer, their warmth smiling on me in the Fall and of course the seasonal transition of letting go (death) at Winter…

Trees mirror the cycles of emotions and the Earth.  I love the sound of the trees dancing in the wind and their brightly-burning colors throughout the changing seasons.  They’ve always invoked feelings of a peaceful wellness and sanctuary for me, coupled with the feeling that something deeper is rooted beneath my feet and something connecting above my head.

“As Above, so Below.  As Within, So Without, As the Universe, So the Soul” ~ These words are inspiration, all encompassing and deeply meaningful on a personal and large scale for the creation of Whole Soul Wellness.


Julie with Swiss ChardI’m a Mom of an amazing son, a wanna-be painter, a writer, a lover of music, a free spirit at heart who loves some form of stability (yes, I am a little bit of walking contradiction). I love Love and Pleasure, my dog’s muppet-face, and I love to laugh, conversation, and good, organic food!

I love how magical snow looks when it’s falling, I love art and film—whether it be a good vigilante movie or a romantic comedy. I love the word F@&K, I believe in positivity, passion and seeing beauty in everyday life. I love to dance in private where no one can see me. I love being a part of community and a tribe where I have the choice to participate and/or observe. Sometimes I have the gift of chatter and sometimes I am completely and surprisingly overcome with shyness.

As I get older, the most gratifying moments become the ones filled with lots of laughter, a little adventure, my awe of nature and meaningful people whom I am blessed enough to share love, life and lessons with.  I do my best to live in gratitude, not attitude (oh, maybe a little attitude, it goes with the Scorpio territory) and I’m always seeking truth and a loving environment to nurture those aspects of myself.

I’d love to hear about your Creations and Pleasures! Connect with me!

Creating Feels Like Pleasure and Fills the Heart with Joy

~ Joy is the Ultimate Source of Wellness ~

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